Now available Mineral Makeup which contains no bismuth, a mineral which can cause irritation and acne. Mineral Makeup formula looks smooth and flawless on oily, normal, dry, young, experienced or sensitive skin. The Mineral Makeup has no plant extracts which can cause allergic reactions. Our Mineral Makeup does contain zinc oxide and titanium dioxide, two superior sunscreens and anti-inflammatories with powerful healing properties, to protect and calm the skin. New data suggests the micron size of the particles needs to be 0.1 microns and above to be effective as a sunscreen and to not penetrate the skin. We only used 0.1 microns and above. These qualities make our Makeup the perfect choice for persons with acne, rosacea, eczema, psoriasis, seborrhea, aging skin or a history of skin cancer. In addition it is perfect for those looking for a healthy makeup that covers perfectly and won’t irritate the skin.

Our makeup is made from natural ingredients grown or mined in Maine whenever possible. Our products are made from organic ingredients, whenever possible, and only use non-organic products when their results are superior. Our makeup uses more of the effective ingredients to create skin care that actually makes a difference on the skin.


Makeup Price List

Loose Foundation $22.00

Aloe Based Foundation $24.00

Pressed Foundation $26.00

Bronzer $22.00

Blush $20.00

Eye Shadow $18.00

Classic Lipstick $20.00

Lip Gloss $18.00


Frankincense Crème $48.00

Frankincense had been known throughout history as a miraculous oil for healing. When Googling Frankincense and cancer, you’ll find a great deal of studies showing it’s powerful abilities. 100% pure Frankincense essential oil is used in our crème. Frankincense is also known to create a firm appearance of the skin. Naturally scented only with Frankincense.

We will be running an introductory special: Buy three makeup products and receive an eye shadow or lip gloss free. Please contact our Endwell office for more information. 607-729-2777