Chemical Peels

Southern Tier Dermatology has a number of chemicals to exfoliate the skin. Depending on the patient’s skin type and needs, the right chemical is chosen.

Lactic Acid and Mendelic Acid

Gentle and can be used in conjunction with microdermabrasion.

Glycolic and Salicylic Acid

Are stronger stand-alone chemical peel treatments.

No Down Time

When doing any of these peels there is no down time, and you can resume your normal, every day skin care the next day. The same can hold true for makeup; if doing a microderm treatment, makeup goes on wonderfully the next day.

Skin Lumina

Skin Lumina is a prescription line of outpatient masks worn at home for a prescribed amount of time, along with a follow-up regimen of products and a course of care. Southern Tier Dermatology is the only provider in the area with this medical skin care line, and it is very effective for advanced skin care needs.