Katie Weber LPN, MA

Katie Weber

Katie Weber LPN, MA, grew up in Binghamton, NY. Katie Weber utilizes many years of valuable experience from the beauty industry along with two plastic surgery practices and cosmetic dermatology. Katie Weber is duel licensed in aesthetic skin treatments and nursing. Katie Weber is the primary provider of the following aesthetic treatments: Microdermabrasion’s, Micro-Needling with PRP therapy, Chemical Peels and Micro peels. Katie Weber is skilled and very experienced in using non-invasive medical lasers for laser hair reduction, destruction of vascular lesions, telangiectasia’s and spider veins. The use of dynamic light treatments for rosacea, actinic keratosis, solar lentigos and sun damage. Katie Weber also runs the XTRAC laser for the treatment of psoriasis and vitiligo. Katie Weber also uses the latest and state of art, cutting edge, FDA cleared CoolSculpting, Ultherapy, Miradry and Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy(PRP). PRP is showing extraordinaire promise for collagen remolding, scar revision and hair restoration. Katie Weber is always available to discuss all aesthetic options offered at Southern Tier Dermatology & Aesthetics for our patients.