New Year New You!

With the New Year here are you tired of the same old look all the time? Are you ready for a change? Well we have what you need!Our Mineral Makeup Line is perfect for a fresh start. Everything is all natural with no dyes or chemicals, it does contain zinc oxide and titanium dioxide which are two superior sunscreens and anti-inflammatories with powerful healing properties to protect and calm the skin! Everything is grown or mined in the state of Maine!


eye-shadow  lipstick-gloss blush-and-bronzer2


Wondering how this makeup is with acne blemishes, rosacea, eczema, psoriasis? New data shows that in order for a product to be a sunscreen it has to have 0.1 microns and above to qualify, well we only use 0.1 and above in our makeup so your protected!

We carry:

-Liquid Foundation with Aloe

-Mineral Foundation

-Bronzer and Blush

-Eye shadow


-Lip Gloss